WhatsApp Upcoming Features to Anticipate in 2017

It is safe to say that Facebook is one of the most favorite instant messaging applications in the world. As for now, it has 1 billion daily active users with 55 billion messages sent per day. With the addition of these WhatsApp upcoming features, it is believed that those numbers will continue growing and set WhatsApp name as the most popular instant messaging application. Here are some of WhatsApp newest features to anticipate this year.

Picture in Picture Mode

Video call is one of the most used features in WhatsApp. The good news is, a better functionality of the video call service is in the list of WhatsApp upcoming features for 2017.

The new update is called Picture in Picture mode. When you are making or receiving a WhatsApp video call, you can minimize the video call window so that you can use other features in your phone simultaneously. For example, you can conveniently receive a video call from your friend while send a chat message to your business partner at the same time.

You can also drag the small video call window to any part of the screen. As a result, the video call window will not obstruct the view of the other features you are currently using. Unfortunately, this feature will only be available in the latest Android Oreo operating system.

SnapChat-Like Status Update

SnapChat is very popular and it is also very fun to use. Now, imagine if you can use similar feature in your favorite instant messaging application.

All this time, the users can only share text status. But the upcoming WhatsApp status feature will let the users share images and videos status. And just like SnapChat, it will disappear after 24 hours.

People loves the simplicity and straightforwardness WhatsApp offers, but a more fun way to share your experience to your friends with a better status update feature definitely will not hurt. Furthermore, just like usual, the status updates will be end-to-end encrypted.

Bigger Limit for Media Sharing

Compared to the two WhatsApp upcoming features above, this one might seem less fantastic because this is not exactly new. However, it indeed will make media sharing more convenient.

In the current version, users can only share up to ten media at once. But the latest update will increase the media sharing limit to 30 items at once. WhatsApp is widely used as a media sharing platform so people are thrilled with this update.