What Is Called “Unlimited” in Unlimited Web Hosting?

For you who are interested in website or using a website, you may be familiar with unlimited web hosting. When you want to make a website, you need to choose a server hosting to fully set up you website in the internet. Some servers sometime use the term “unlimited” for their server hosting. This terms, cannot be denied, become a magnet or attraction for many people. People tend to be attracted to something that offers unlimited service. Commonly, people will define the term “unlimited” as something that you can use limitless. In web hosting, many people start to ask about what features that can be used unlimited. Some people also think that the term “unlimited” is used only for promotion, but you will find that everything is limited. Is it true? We are going to discuss and try to answers that question briefly.

Unlimited Bandwidth

In the web hosting, the first feature that possibly unlimited is the bandwidth. Bandwidth is defined as the amount of data that is shared and transferred through the website. There are two parts of bandwidth in web hosting: the amount of data that can be shared and transferred through the website and also the transferred speed when you are uploading or downloading the content from the website. If it is called unlimited, it means that there is no limitation in amount of data that you can use and the transferred speed that you can enjoy from the server host. This feature will allow you to transfer and share many kinds of content with different size in your website without worrying about quota or the speed limitation.

Unlimited Storage

When we use website, you will be transferred and shared many kinds of content in your website. You will need a space to store you file or data. Therefore, some server hosting provides a disk space for you to store your file. Commonly, for website, the storage is metered in Gigabyte. If it is unlimited, so you don’t to worry about how big file that you will be transferred to the website because there is unlimited space for your file. There will be not limitation for the size of storage that offered to you.

Is “Unlimited” Possible?

The next question is whether or not you can have unlimited access in using server hosting. In Bandwidth, it is quite difficult to predict whether you can or cannot have unlimited access, especially if you use shared server hosting, because you share the server with the other. Sometime the increased number of websites in one server can really influence the bandwidth. However, for storage, it is possible for the server to increase the storage so you can call it “unlimited”.

We can conclude that sometime there is two different of ways in defining the term “unlimited” in server hosting between the server and the user. People tend to define “unlimited” as limitless, but server defines it as the major increase in capacity and capability. When there is a major increase in capacity, sometime we think and felt that it is limitless. Hopefully, this information can be a good reference for about unlimited web hosting.