Simple to Use Personal Safety Alarms for Everyone

If you’re thinking about getting a self defense product, you might want to buy a personal alarm. It’s not your usual self defense weapon. It won’t immobilize an attacker but it can be very effective in stopping an attack by scaring off the attacker.

A personal alarm emits a loud sound when you push the button or pull the pin out of the device. The sound can be as loud as 130 decibels. This is loud enough to scare off a potential attacker. The device can come in several sizes and shapes. You can carry it in your pocket, in your purse or you can buy one that goes on your keychain.

Since attackers like to sneak up on their victims, the loud alarm will surprise them. The sound is also loud enough that other people that might be in the area will hear it too. Attackers won’t like this and usually they’ll run away before help comes.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the personal alarm will help stop an attack. It will probably work in most cases, but you might want an extra layer of protection just to be on the safe side. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry pepper spray or some other self defense weapon along with the alarm.

One good reason to invest in a personal safety alarm is because some countries and states have strict laws regarding self defense weapons. But if you live in a county or state that doesn’t allow you to have it, then getting a personal alarm is probably your best option.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city and state where you can carry pepper spray or a stun gun, then you should consider investing in one of these products to go along with the alarm.

With new employees in our employ, we were losing valuable supplies and it was affecting our business.

We realized that the losses were incurred be it during or off restaurant hours. By then, we decided to purchase personal safety alarm devices. We opted for the UFO Home and Personal Alarm because of the usefulness of this device. It is highly effective for home, business and individual uses. At home, it gives you satisfaction whether you are in or away.

The UFO Home and Personal Alarm can be a burglar, door, window, bag, drawer, or cupboard alarm. It functions as a flashlight as well.

UFO alarms double as burglar alarm systems and can work for our restaurant during and after operating hours. In the storage area where there are compartments, doors or windows, they can function separately as indoor, cabinet, window and drawer alarms.

A personal safety alarm helps everyone feel more secure in the dangerous world we live in. For ones that are working late and walk out to their car in the dark, joggers, and other people isolated for any reason, these devices offer a great way to attract attention during a crisis situation.

The very high-pitched noise made by the panic help device effectively chases away the attacker and alerts others that help is needed. There is no prior training needed. Permits are not necessary to carry this device either. People of all ages and people who suffer physical handicaps will be able to easily operate them.

Anytime individuals are isolated or in a vulnerable position, having a help alert device quickly accessible is a wise idea. Attackers usually flee when attention is drawn to the situation; but victims are often too traumatized to scream for help.

The piecing sound of a personal safety alarm can ward off human attackers, dogs, and even wild animals.

Choosing a personal safety alarm depends on the individuals preferences and needs. A battery operated personal safety alarm comes with a clip for attaching, a concealed on/off button and some even come with an LED flashlight. Some models come with a motion sensor built-in to use in a hotel room or any place that requires a silent sentry.

When activated, this gadget emits an eardrum shattering sound for ten to fifteen seconds. This sound is powerful enough to hurt the ears of human and animals alike. It wards off attackers whether they are humans, dogs or other wild beasts that one might encounter while jogging on the trail, after work in a dark parking lot, or during a walk in the park.

Having a personal safety alarm that is easily accessible can give peace of mind to individuals. There are many reasons someone may be engaged in private activity. That does not mean they need to fear for their life and wellbeing. Strolling through the park or cycling down a trail, individuals need to feel safe. A personal safety alarm can eliminate worry and help provide that feeling of safety.

The author is one of the leading experts on self-defense and non-lethal self-defense products like the personal safety alarm. There are several options, including stun guns, self-defense sprays and Tasers. He offers full support and instruction on how to use and care for these products.