Integrative Medicine – The New Medicine For the 21st Century

Americans spend about 16% of GDP on health care, that is the greatest rate throughout the world. However, people live shorter lives than many different commercial international locations in the world. Massive amounts of money (approximately seventy five%) had been spent on heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, hypertension, stroke, and obesity. Although the very best health killers (heart disease, cancer and stroke) have dropped before several decades, Americans remain at a top risk, especially for individuals who do not have insurance or easy access to medical care. American health care is a disease care with little give attention to prevention. It’s a pattern of more expense and less delivery, as the end stage of diseases usually used the majority of the resources. Conventional medicine is dedicated to a special part of the human body. Prescription and procedure are straightforward and capable of the cost of negative effects and a top expense. At some points, Individuals are treated as ‘statistics’  or ‘machines’ as opposed to humans. The procedure based on the data pool may possibly not be placed on an individual.

Most of these diseases, such as for example heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, or obesity, are preventable if we watch our diet, stop smoking, manage stress appropriately, and exercise regularly Low hormones. Lifestyle change is more important, especially when dealing with these preventable chronic diseases. Complementary alternative medicine (CAM) pays more focus on the body, with the belief that all parts of the body are communicative and influences the others. As of today, the American people are increasingly aware of the importance of CAM. Thirty-eight percent of American adults and 12% children use CAM, including chiropractic, acupuncture, Yoga, Chinese herbal medicine, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, massage, or food supplements to beat stress, relieve fatigue, kill pain, remedy insomnia, and manage frame weight. CAM is easy, convenient, cost effective, and has minimum side effects. Ancient art and skills of healing, with a history of a lot of years, are in possession of modern significance.

Keeping individuals healthy mentally and physically requires prevention, medication, and procedures. Integrative medicinal drug, mixing each conventional medication and complementary opportunity medicinal drug equally, can be the destiny of drugs. Conventional medicine, supported by advanced scientific research and technique, is great at management of acute and severe diseases. CAM, a holistic remedy, handles chronic or preventable sicknesses very well.Integrative medicine system is the most appropriate model that could deliver top quality and affordable health care to the American people.

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Article published by Dr. Zhaoming Chen, Board Chair for the American Association of Integrative Medicine. For more information,