Contemporary Jewellery Makes You a Fashion Queen

Jewelry is a gift of choice for many because one cannot go wrong with giving away jewellery. Beautiful jewellery is even made more exquisite if it is bought for the pleasure of having one. First thing to consider when buying jewelery is your personal taste. Since there are many available designs to choose from, you must be able to choose something that truly expresses your personality, style and individuality. Online stores have a splendid collection and display of traditional and modern men’s designer jewellery that will indeed fit whatever type of personality you may have.

An important consideration when planning to buy jewellery is, of course, the budget that you have for one. Since fine jewelery will need you to spend a bit of cash, you have to control as to how much you are willing to spend. You have to keep in mind that various designs made out of the different materials will have varying prices attached to it. But you can always get great deals when buying jewelery at online stores.

Other consideration to buying jewelery, make sure your look for the AGS or GIA certification. Since jewelery is considered as an investment, you always have to make sure that you are getting the crème de la crème of jewelery. In relation to this, you also have to consider the diamond’s quality as to the cut, color, clarity and karat. The best diamond jewelery has the highest rating as to these four properties but make sure the choice you make fits your budget. A popular piece are men’s diamond earrings.

A continuing trend that drives designer’s choices in terms of fashion colours is the consumers’ appetite for escapism. People in the market for fashionable clothes, designer jewellery and interior furnishings want to be distracted from the pressure and even the monotony of their everyday lives. Whether subconsciously or not, consumers increasingly go for more adventurous and striking choices when purchasing items that color their world.

With this in mind, the latest industry predictions for Spring 2011 show that color designers have opted for colours that come from the opposite sides of the colour wheel, they have achieved a striking and vivid palette. The result is that while we will still be able to choose traditional colors for clothes and accessories, there will definitely be some added spice and visual interest sparked by the new crowd.

Blue Curacao continues to satisfy the fans who locked on so loyally to the hugely successful Turquoise – which was, of course, 2010 Colour of the Year. Blue Curacao brings the tropical feel of the Caribbean into play and also works well with Coral Rose or Beeswax. The clean, crisp lines of Contemporary design jewellery will suit this colour grouping well, preferably with turquoise detailing.

Peapod is a fresh green and yellow combination with a very natural and organic feel, a great choice for Spring with its theme of rebirth and new beginnings.

Spanning the seasons are, as ever, the neutral colours that ensure a stable canvas for all the other colours to play on. They have been dubbed the ‘nude hues’ and exude a natural, honest vibe that makes one instantly relaxed and calm. Silver Peony is the most neutral, supported by Russet, a much deeper tone, as well as Silver Cloud – a light, muted grey. The brown bronzes and silvers found in quality freshwater pearl jewellery is clearly going to be in perfect harmony with them, too – making them a real essential in your jewellery wardrobe.

Also to consider is the quality of the material used. Commonly, gold is the metal of choice although there are several alternatives to gold that is now very much popular in the jewelry business. Pure gold is a very pliable material that it is usually mixed with another metal to increase its durability. Fine gold grades are those with a karat value of 18K and 24K, while the most common type of gold is at 14K. Contemporary designs may combine gold with other different materials such as titanium to create an even better and classy finish.

Buying men’s designer jewelery should not be a challenge to face. Instead, it should be an enjoyable experience for the buyer. Sure, there are many designs to choose from that might get you confused as to which one to buy, but certainly knowing what you want and how much you are willing to spend on one will narrow down your choices to the best possible choice that your money can buy.