How to Build a Strong Brand in a Weak Economy

Sometime in 1991, Phillip Morris, a global tobacco company bought over Kraft Foods for some 20 billion USD. This amount was estimated to be four times the value of Kraft Foods’ material assets at that time. Reason: Kraft Foods had become so strong as a brand, as to command a huge price far above the worth of its tangible assets, which means extra-ordinary profits and income for its owners.

You must have come across such names as Ewen Chia, Stone Evans, or Louis Allport. Now, any of these three Internet Marketers can put a product together, say an eBook or video course on Internet Marketing and sell it online for $199 per download.

However, if an unknown Internet Marketer comes to sell a similar product for $50, chances are you would rather buy from any of these three at $199 rather than from the unknown marketer at $50. Reason: you have come to know each of these names for being consistent in delivering whatever quality they promised.

Again, each of the three has consistently differentiated himself from competitors in the same niche (you can’t see a Louis Allport video eBook for instance, without immediately recognizing that “look and feel” which immediately set it apart from others). Ewen Chia, Stone Evans, Louis Allport and many others like them are already haveĀ benefits of strong brand on the internet.

So, what is a brand?

If you truly want to create a strong brand then you need to consider some of these things:

– You need to create your own website. In your site, you can include descriptions and pictures of your product. You can also tell something about yourself and how you got into the business. You can writer articles telling people what these products are for and who will benefit from them. You can basically create the image of your brand through your website.

– Consider advertising opportunities. This requires minimum budget because you have the option to pay the partner site who shows your advertisement whenever someone clicks on the ad. This is also effective as this could be visible to thousands of people who are accessing the internet on a daily basis.

– Write articles for other websites. You can write articles for different directories or you can guest blog on others’ websites. Then, after your article, you can provide links to your website so that people will know more about what you can offer. This is a subtle yet effective form of marketing.

These marketing tips in Ireland are only effective if you will try them out. So go ahead and start acting on your marketing plan to strengthen your brand.