How to Study for the MCAT

Getting into medical school is a live long dream for many people. They want to become doctors so they can better serve the community around them and join a widely respected profession. Admission to medical school is complex process. Applicants typically need to complete an undergraduate degree. One of the next steps is taking a standardized test known as the MCAT or the Medical College Admissions Test. Students with high scores on this exam have a vastly increased chance of admission to the medical school of their choice. If you want to be one of them, there are you’ll want to discover the best ways to prepare for the MCAT.

Understand the Test

The MCAT has four parts and includes both multiple choice questions and a written essay. Applicants are tested on the physical sciences and biological sciences. They’re also tested on two additional sections: verbal reasoning, and writing. The physical sciences section and biological sciences have fifty-two multiple choice questions each. Candidates for medical school admissions will also need to complete the forty multiple choice questions in this section. They’re also asked to write two separate essays. It’s a good idea to know precisely what kind of questions are being asked. Potential students must be able to demonstrate mastery of chemistry and physics quickly and in great depth. The test also asks people to show they have mastered biological concepts and can understand verbal reasoning ideas as well as how to express themselves in writing. It’s extremely important to brush up on all these areas of knowledge. Applicants who have not studied a certain field such as organic chemistry in certain years should revisit their old textbooks and examine MCAT practice questions.

Understand How the Test is Scored

In order to understand how best to study for this test, it’s also important to know how it is scored. Applicants are given credit for the number of correct answers on the exam. Unlike some other tests, the MCAT does not penalize students for wrong answers. The number of correct answers is then added up in each section and graded on a fifteen-point scale. The writing sample is graded separately from the rest of the test. After the applicant is done, two readers read it and then determine what score it merits on a scale of one to six with six being the highest score. Understanding how the test is scored can help the applicant feel calmer as they take it, as they know what to expect as it continues.

Allow Enough Time

Perhaps above all, the MCAT is a timed test. Every single section of the test is timed. Test takers have only seventy minutes to answer each section. They have only an hour to complete the verbal reasoning and another hour to read the essay prompt and write a response. The entire test, from start to finish, will take over six hours to complete. All those who are planning to take it should examine MCAT practice questions under real world conditions. This means allowing time to complete each subsection fully using careful timing. It also means setting aside several six hour plus periods to take the entire test from beginning to end. Doing so will pay off with high scores.

Becoming a Doctor at Your Own Pace

Deciding to pursue a life as a medical practitioner is one of the most profound decisions that anyone can ever make. The field is known as a high stress and fast-paced environment. This holds true for both the pursuance of becoming a doctor, as well as, the life that follows.

A good doctor needs to care about patients. Establishing a quality practice requires your attention to detail. You must contemplate how each of these aspects can benefit a practice. Only a truly caring and passionate individual will persevere.

When the Principles of Medical Education Superseded Competition

High workloads, competition, and self-reliance are all typical of what you can expect during your medical education. Doctors need master of such attributes. A young (in terms of education) student, on the other hand, should not sacrifice an ounce of their cherished passion to stay ahead of a curriculum.

The medical education system as a whole sometimes fails its most caring students. It often does not do a good job in preparing students for what to expect. Failing to plan is tragic, but planning with deficient information can be devastating.

Back in the 1920’s, Dean Milton Winternitz enacted a dynamic approach to medical education. It would find national attention and acceptance. He began by recruiting high-quality faculty. The extraneous material was done away with. Considered a bit radical today, his system encouraged students to pursue individual interests. More eye-opening was the success that allowing them to proceed at their own pace produced. Today, self-paced medical education has diminished, but at the time, it was an overwhelming success.

The self-paced system produced some interesting results. It actually helped weed out weaker students. More importantly, faculty research time garnered more student interaction. Passionate medical students blossomed in this system. Its success impacted medical education across the nation. While your medical education may be significantly different from the student-centric system of the 1920’s, it is important to remember that success can be achieved through a self-paced education that puts caring and passion first.

Choose a Prep Course that Optimizes your Time Management

There are several online organizations that encourage you to complete your Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) at your own pace. provides an objective analysis of the best online MCAT prep course. The top three place similar attention on live instruction and an array of content. A good online MCAT prep course offers significant advantages for managing your time. Undeniably, this is a critical concern for an individual planning to become a doctor. The best prep courses offer live instruction that is easily managed to suit your schedule and optimize resources. Expect a mix of virtual classroom meetings with on-demand video lessons.

Pursuing a Life in Medicine should have its Own Intrinsic Value

Some students will make sacrifices during their medical education. They harbor an idealistic dream of becoming a doctor. The fast pace continues after graduation. As a medical student, you need to find a personalized balance between your, caring, passion, and commitment. From beginning to end, becoming a doctor needs to be a self-fulfilling journey. The sooner you can find intrinsic value from living life as a doctor (and student) the better you can provide for patients.

How to Begin a Career in Drama

It is possible to become an actor with no experience. If that’s what you want to do, however, you must be good at planning. You will also need to study up and polish your skills. Even so, it is highly advisable not to get too romantic about it and expect to get called back for a lot of auditions immediately. It would also be advisable to have a day job at first so that you can cover your expenses until you do get more experienced and start getting called back for more and more auditions.

Some Tips for Starting with No Experience

  • Read, study, and practice. Aside from the literal meaning of this, you should also get very familiar with the industry, find out who’s currently in it, and get down some marketing techniques that you think will be effective for you.
  • Start small and local. If you live in or near a big city, such as L.A. or New York, you’ll probably be in luck to go for some auditions for local Broadway productions, etc. However, they are very competitive and expensive so it’s highly recommended that you have a day job. If you don’t, you don’t have to fret.’ Even if you live in a small town, you can ask your local City Hall when they’re going to have their next local show. Or maybe think of one you could put on yourself, that would show that you have some leadership skills.
  • Always nurture your special skills and marketing plans. They’re like muscles that you either use or lose. Don’t hesitate to take any side parts you may be offered-such as being an extra. A lot of novice actors get romantic and try to skip through this stage completely. Even polishing small skills from juggling to riding a bike can come in very handy later on. As for the marketing, be sure you have a presence on social media and your own website. You can pay a web designer to help you with the latter but you’re going to have to work with him or her very carefully about what you have in mind.
  • Expect a lot of rejection. You won’t be right for every part and some projects simply have more auditioning than they can accept for the part. The best thing you can do is accept it as part of the job and not take it personally. Do update your resume every time you do get accepted and go through with a production.


One of the best ways that you can get into the acting field is by taking drama classes. If you’re in high school, check to see whether there are any drama classes or after-school activities ASAP. If you are planning to further your education, look up and research schools known for their drama programs. Drama classes are the best way in which you can study and polish the various skills you will need to get into major Broadway productions and movies. Drama schools can prepare you for the various auditions and rejections, you will also get to learn about the history of movies and stage production, theater and movie music as well as the current methods of stage production.

3 Reasons you need Antivirus Software

Most computer and mobile device users have heard numerous warnings about avoiding viruses on their computer. While the word “virus” carries all kinds of ominous emotional imagery, the truth is a computer virus isn’t all that exotic. It certainly doesn’t deserve the kind of hyperbolic reputation it has accumulated over the last thirty years.

The key to understanding any security threat is to first define what it is, and then use that information to determine the actual threat to your computer, data and personal safety. Determining exactly what a thing is should be the first step in any investigation, and it is no different when you are confronting security threats to your computer.

Once you learn what a virus is, you’ll understand why next generation antivirus is so important.

Why call it a “Virus?”

Simply put, a virus is an application that runs on your computer or mobile device without authorization. With few exceptions, viruses are designed to do things that are annoying or destructive. The most potent versions can cause all kinds of havoc, especially if they get loose on an improperly secured network.

The reason these unauthorized applications are called viruses is because they perform actions on their own that are very similar to their biological namesakes.

This is the first reason you need to install anti-virus software. Many viruses can duplicate themselves and spread from computer to computer on their own. Once they have “infected” a computer, they will perform whatever function they are designed to carry out, likely without the user’s knowledge.

What Do Viruses Do?

Once presented with the full range of things a virus can do, the second reason to install anti-virus software becomes clear. Early viruses did little besides replicate themselves. Some wrote their own code to computer floppy disks and CD-ROM discs so when the media was used in another computer, the virus could spread. Some viruses open ports through a computer network to admit malicious software or to communicate with a remote machine and request instructions.

More sophisticated viruses can install keyloggers to detect what a user is typing and then to transmit that information to a remote machine. This is one of the key methods for an attacker to discover passwords, account numbers and so on. It is also one of the more popular kinds of viruses transmitted by email.

While this all sounds like nothing but bad news, the fact is defending a computer against viruses is a relatively simple task. It requires a little study and a little effort and common sense.


The most successful viruses find their way on to many computers, which makes them much easier to study and identify. Once a virus is identified, it can be detected using a simple data comparison. This is much like a genetic test to identify a biological virus. This is the key function performed by anti-virus applications.

Each has a database of known viruses. The application routinely scans the hard drive and RAM of the machine it is protecting, comparing the data it finds to its database. If it finds a virus, it can notify the user and “quarantine” the virus data so it can’t further damage the user’s data.

The third reason to install next generation antivirus is simple. There is no way you can address all these security threats on your own. If your computer is connected to others through any kind of a network, even if your network is only internal, you need to take advanced protective measures.

Avoiding Alcohol Addiction as a Student

College is a time when people are young, restless and vulnerable to alcohol use and addiction. Fortunately, alcohol addiction can be avoided if habits are adjusted and needs are met. Here are some of the things that a college student can do to avoid alcoholism.

Tend to Your Social Needs

One of the reasons why people turn to excessive alcohol consumption is because they are lonely. There are different types of loneliness, and in each type of loneliness, people have different needs. There is the need to spend time with close friends, the need to spend time with family, the need to interact with people who aren’t so close and those in the greater community, the need to interact with animals and the need to interact with a significant other. These needs are all very normal, and should not be substituted with harmful substances like alcohol.

If you have any of these needs, think of how you can fulfill them, and start from there. Put yourself in a variety of social situations. You should join clubs, go to mixers and go to parties. If you are just sitting around a room, not having contact with anybody and not doing anything, then that has to stop.

Do Not Drink Just Because Others Are, Or Because Someone Orders You To

Unfortunately, in college, people pressure each other to drink alcohol. Many times, this results in cases of alcohol poisoning and people being alcoholics. If someone orders you to drink alcohol or pressures you to drink alcohol, just say no. Don’t drink just because other people are drinking. Copying what other people are doing is a good way to form serious addictions. It is a good way to land yourself in Port St. Lucie alcoholics anonymous.


In between studying and classes, make sure to exercise. Exercise is a great way to boost a person’s mood and to build up strength and health. If you feel lethargic, depressed or unable to focus, it may be because you are constantly sitting down and not moving. Alcohol will not fix this—exercise will. If you school has a workout room or gym, you should utilize those facilities. If you school has a team, or some sort of club that involves physical activity, you should join it.

Do Something Different

If you are bored or down in the dumps, you should do something different. For example, watching a movie when you don’t usually do such a thing can refresh your mind. Reading a book when you don’t usually read books, or reading a book about a subject that you don’t usually read about can be very refreshing.

Have A Hobby or Activity That You Like

Sometimes, idle hands can really be the Devil’s playground. This is why you should have some sort of hobby or interest that really makes you feel good about yourself and that you genuinely like. Feeling good about yourself will make you less likely to use alcohol as a crutch. The natural high that you get from the hobby will be good enough.

Top Tips to Generate Sales Leads for Your Business

Although you may very well have the most innovative product or service in the world, it is a simple fact that it will fall upon deaf ears if you cannot attract the most appropriate target audience. This is why lead generation is so very important in this day and age. However, this is often easier said than done. Techniques have changed in recent times and what could have been a great method yesterday may very well be outdated today. Let’s take a look at a handful of worthwhile suggestions to keep in mind, as your next customer might represent the biggest sale yet.

You are not alone if you feel that you cannot properly implement your lead generation strategies. According to a study performed by BrightTALK, no fewer than 80 per cent of all businesses feel that they are not effectively leveraging their current approach. This is often the result of trying too many different techniques at once. It is much better to be methodical in your efforts, as you will be able to quickly identify what is worthwhile and what is better to abandon early on.

Location, Location and Location

The prevalence of the digital domain has caused some businesses to forget about the importance of the physical location of their office. For instance, owning office space within central London is likely to attract a greater amount of clients, as they will be able to visit the property on occasion. Location is also critical if you wish to hold seminars and similar events without having to rely solely upon digital conference calls. There is still something to be said about a firm handshake and a face-to-face meeting.

Proactive as Opposed to Reactive

Generating sales leads is never a one-off effort. A portion of lead generation needs to be devoted to nurturing these potentially new clients. You have to illustrate to your demographic that you care about what they have to say. This can be accomplished in several ways and a handful of the most powerful are mentioned below:

  • Responding to any feedback (positive as well as negative).
  • Providing timely updates.
  • Asking for suggestions in regards to how you can improve your services.
  • Determining whether or not your current location is the most conducive to generating business.

By embracing a proactive approach, you will be able to detect any small issues before they conglomerate into larger problems.

92 per cent of all marketers state that social media is a critical component of their lead generation strategies. Of course, this should come as no great surprise. The major difference involves which platforms are the most useful to your organisation. For example, those involved with professional IT services may be better employing LinkedIn as opposed to more youth-oriented portals such as Facebook. If you are able to appreciate which segments can prove to be the most beneficial, you will be able to focus your efforts in the right direction and cater to the needs of a discrete audience. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time appealing to the entirely wrong demographic.

These suggestions should be used in conjunction with other tried-and-true techniques such as SEO, analytics and adopting the right CRM platform. Fostering new leads within a decidedly competitive environment could be the only variable which separates you from your closest competitors. After all, reaping a harvest first requires that the right seeds are sown in the right soil.

3 Latest Trends on Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have become a game changer when it comes to the field of digital marketing. The likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo bridge the gap between users and pages, by listing relevant results in every online search.

Behind every list, however, algorithms and programmed web crawlers are used to index and rank sites based on their on-site and off-site SEO. To better serve users, these algorithms are periodically altered and improved, so search engines can weed out sites that offer no value.

In turn, websites adapt to these changes by remaining updated with the industry’s trends. If you are looking for ways to keep or improve your site’s rank on SERPs, here are some of the latest SEO trends and how you can use them to your advantage:

  • Mobile-friendly sites are gaining recognition. Google, one of the most popular search engines, has added another standard for website ranking. They recognized widespread smartphone use and now ranks websites according to how suitable they are for mobile access. With mobile-first indexing in place, the speed, design, and overall content of the mobile version of the page come into focus.
  • Responsiveness to voice-search rules. These days, users search online either by typing keywords or doing a voice search. With Siri, Alexa, and the Google assistant, being literally just one call away, queries through voice-powered searches are becoming popular. Because of this, SEO experts are redesigning web pages to convey instant answers. Keywords are also being tailored for voice search, where longer phrases or sentences are typically spoken over the device’s microphone.
  • Rich search results are being introduced. Search engines are improving the way they display their list of results. Before, website summaries are found in the meta-tag. Now, web developers can also add extensive description through, which further elaborates each element in your page’s content. In turn, this helps search engines to better sift through your content and display it based on each element elaborated on the in-page markup.


Author Bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at One SEO, a digital marketing company in Lebanon, Beirut. Rana is passionate about digital marketing, startups, helping entrepreneurs grow, and empowering them to live their dreams. She has worked as a marketer, a technology co-founder and business developer, and a writer.


Why You Should Try Solo Travel and Where to Go

Travel is something that a lot of people do for fun. Aside from the entertainment factor, travel is something that can hugely contribute to making you what you are. Although most people travel with their partner, family, or friends, traveling on your own is something that I highly recommend to a lot of people. It may take a bit of getting used to especially if you have never done it before, but it is something that can be very enjoyable and enriching.

So, what are the perks of solo travel?

You have total freedom.

The biggest hurdle when traveling with other people is having to consider other people’s likes and dislikes when planning. All the travel arrangements depend on everyone who will be joining you on your trip. When you travel alone, you have complete and total freedom about everything!

You will meet more people.

When you travel with others, your interaction will be with the people you’re traveling with – which, unfortunately, prevents you from meeting new people. When you travel alone, you would be more motivated to meet other people which can be a very enriching experience. Some encounters just might even turn into deep life-long friendships.

You will get to know yourself more.

Not having to consider what other people like and do not like will let you get a better grasp of what YOU like and do not like. Being left with your thoughts will allow more time for reflection that will help you get to know yourself more. You will be able to reflect on your travel experience better, without influence of someone else’s opinion.

These are just some of the benefits of traveling alone. Convinced? The next question is where to go to? Although solo travel will provide you with the same perks, no matter where you decide to go, it is also a great opportunity to try destinations and activities that are more spiritual in nature. Turn it into a more meaningful journey. Here are some travel destination ideas for you:

The River Ganges in India. This river is the most sacred river in Hinduism. It is the world’s third largest river and there are many pilgrimage sites along its banks such as Rishikesh. If you practice Hinduism, traveling to the Ganges river can be a great opportunity to enrich your faith. If not, it is still an opportunity to learn about the culture and practice of Hinduism. You may even want to turn your journey into a charitable one. There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer in India. If you practice yoga, India is also the best place to take your practice deeper. If it’s something you’ve never tried, there’s no perfect place to try it than in India.
The Holy Land in Israel. If you are a Christian, the Holy Land in Israel, particularly the places where Jesus spent his life, is an excellent option for you. A lot of these places are known tourist destinations and there won’t be a lack of things to see and do. While appreciating some holy art, getting to know the culture, and reflecting on the life of Christ, you will come out of this journey a different person.
Mt Kailash in Tibet. This place is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Bonpos, and many others, because the peak of Mt Kailash is revered in many religions. Before you head to Tibet, make sure to consider the different ways you can get there. This journey offers lots of chances to meditate and reflect. If you are into mountain climbing, you might also consider visiting Mt. Everest.
Mount Athos in Greece. This mountain is another favorite for a lot of pilgrims. You can find 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries along the slopes of this mountain, which makes its common name “Holy Mountain” not surprising at all. Unfortunately, women are banned in Mount Athos because women are not allowed in men’s monasteries. So, if you’re a woman, you will not be allowed within 500 meters of the coast.
Monument Valley in the USA. This sacred site in the Navajo Nation, Arizona, was named “Valley of the Rocks” by early tribes. Aside from the majestic landscape that this valley offers, many believe that it is a place of supernatural powers. There are a lot of companies offering sacred tours in Monument Valley especially since some parts of it are inaccessible without a Navajo guide.

No matter where you go when you travel alone, make sure that safety and security are your priorities. Aside from the general safety travel tips, read up on your destination and prepare thoroughly. Solo travel requires more precaution because you can be an easy target. Don’t let this stop you from traveling alone because with adequate safety precautions, solo travel is something that you will find extremely enjoyable and enriching.

WFD Clean Water for All $1,000 Scholarship

At, we believe strongly in the importance of education and in the value of giving back to the community. Like clean drinking water, we believe that everyone deserves access to a quality education that sets them up for a successful, happy life. That’s why we are pleased to announce our annual Clean Water for All $1,000 scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year.

Eligible applicants can enter below for the chance to receive a $1,000 scholarship. Use the scholarship to pay for any education-related expense – books, tuition, room and board, etc. One (1) winner will be chosen.

Eligibility Requirements
To qualify, you must be:

Currently enrolled as a high school senior in the United States OR currently enrolled in college at an accredited US post-secondary institution (four-year university, two-year community college, or trade school)
A United States citizen
Due to graduate high school at the time of application or already in possession of your high school diploma/GED
Planning to pursue or already pursuing a degree at an accredited US university/post-secondary institution
Earning a minimum 3.00 GPA or equivalent

How to Apply
To apply for the WFD Clean Water for All $1,000 Scholarship, write a 500+ word essay on the following topic: Nearly 800 million people worldwide don’t have access to clean water. How can we solve this problem?

When you’ve written your essay, email it to along with the following information:

Your name, email address, and phone number
Name of school you’re attending
Current GPA/grade average equivalent

Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year must be received no later than October 1, 2018. The winner will be selected within 15 days and notified via email. If the prize is not claimed within 30 days after notification, we will choose another winner.

Chemistry for non-chemists: Understanding electrochemical cells

Life on Earth is closely connected to electrochemistry. The principals of cells are used so as to make electrical batteries. Smartphones, laptops, and digital cameras all rely on batteries to operate. Batteries are everywhere in modern society. Do you know what they consist of? Electromechanical cells. Electrochemical cells create a flow of electrical charges – in other words, electricity. Although there is a wide range of electrochemical cells, batteries are usually made up of one or two galvanic or voltaic cells. Chemical reactions, as well as the production of energy, is automatic within the voltaic cell. Thank God for electrochemistry!

What is an electrochemical cell, anyway?

An a electrochemical cell is an instrument that is able to generate electrical energy from a chemical reaction or use electrical energy so as to facilitate the transformation of chemical substances. As mentioned earlier, there are several types of electrochemical cells. The most common ones are electrolytic cells and galvanic or voltaic cells. Let’s focus our attention on galvanic cells. They are usually referred to batteries, despite the fact that this isn’t a correct denomination.

Galvanic cells utilize chemical reactions to facilitate the production of electrical energy. The main components are two conductors, which represent the electrode and an electrolytic solution in which the electrodes are submerged. One electrode (the anode) allows electrons to leave the cell at the place of the oxidation. The other terminal (the cathode) brings the electrons back to the cell the moment that the potential energy is put to good use.

The internal resistance of electrochemical cells

In the world of electrochemistry, nothing is simple. Electrochemical cells are made from conductive materials, such as metals. They have one thing in common. We’re talking about a property called internal resistance. Internal resistance is the resistance that is generated inside the electrochemical cell to the flow of current. As the current flows in the cell, with time, the resistance makes the cell lose some of its potential. Simply put, there is a voltage drop caused by internal resistance of the battery.

What are the applications of electrochemical cells?

It goes without saying that the importance of electrochemical cells lies in the ability to provide us with portable energy, directly powering electronic equipment. Research in the field of electrochemical cells is of great interest for scientists, as well as engineers. The reason for this is that electrochemistry can help us improve our current systems of energy production and conservation.

Cell construction and potential

As a rule, any chemical reaction can be used in order to construct an electrochemical cell. An electrochemical cell can be made with materials lying around the house, like a bottle made from glass, diluted sulfuric acid, zinc plate, copper plate, wire, clip, LED, and hydrogen peroxide solution. All you have to do is put the zinc and copper plates into different recipients, add the sulfuric acid, link the two plates, and connect the LED. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that this kind of undertaking is dangerous.

Author Bio:
Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at One SEO a digital marketing agency, who lives in Beirut, Lebanon. Rana Tarakji is passionate about digital marketing, startups, helping entrepreneurs grow, and empowering them to live their dreams. She has worked as a marketer, a technology co-founder and business developer, and a writer.