An Inventory Of Yourself

What this means is that you should do a self-analysis of yourself, when you do this whether daily, weekly, monthly or annually you will be able to discover whether you have decreased in your faults, and an increase in your virtues.


This can be a very powerful and exciting tool to use in helping you to become the person that you are trying to become. In the book written by Napoleon Hill titled “Think and Grow Rich,” he talks about performing an inventory of yourself. He mentions that this is a great way to see your progress and to set new goals so that you can keep working on making improvements.


Listed are just a few of the questions that Mr. Hill recommends you ask yourself when you are taking this inventory of yourself. Please note that I have reworded the questions from their original content to make them more reader-friendly, and I have selected the questions that have impacted me the most.


  1. Have I reached the goal that I set for myself?


  1. Have I delivered the best possible service that I could?


  1. Have I delivered the service in the greatest quantity that I could deliver?


  1. Has my spirit of conduct been in harmony at all times?


  1. Have I allowed myself to procrastinate and decrease my efficiency?


  1. Have I improved my personality? If so, how so?


  1. Have I been persistent in reaching my goals?


  1. Have I made decisions quickly and with confidence?


  1. Have I allowed my fears to keep me from being efficient?


  1. Have I been “over-cautious” or “under-cautious”?


  1. Has my relationship with my associates been pleasant? If not, was there something I could have done to improve those relationships?


  1. Have I budgeted my time, my income, and my expenses?

While this list is not all inclusive is a great starting point for you to evaluate where you are in your life and where you want to be in your life.

There is nothing more powerful or empowering then being able to look at your accomplishments and take the time to be proud of them as well as look at the areas that need improvement and take the time to create a plan of action for making those improvements.

We as a people are imperfect, but we strive for perfection, as long as you realize that each day, you will strive to be just a little bit more than the day before you will find your days filled with new adventures and new opportunities for new success.

Take an inventory of yourself but never use that inventory to take away your value but rather to rejoice in your successes and to create a plan of action that you can use as a guide for a better and brighter tomorrow.