Get Canadian work experience with a Canada working holiday visa

Canada awards a visa for 2 years to Australians known as the Canada working holiday visa. With this visa, you can live in Canada for a 24-month duration. You can visit places such as Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto with this visa.

With this visa, you can go to various places in Canada. Since you can also work on this visa, you can also be saved from debt caused by holidaying. There are many kinds of privileges you can enjoy on a working holiday visa Canada:

  • Move anywhere in Canada
  • You can gain a lot of work experience while you are on this visa in Canada

Since the candidate does not need to have a job offer to qualify for this scheme, its easy for him to get this visa. Apart from that, he should also be healthy to be approved for this visa. Medical exams are only needed once you need to work in the medical department in Canada. Moreover, the candidate needs to show his evidence of citizenship in a country. Canada working holiday is given to those who have Australian nationality. The cost of this visa is 150 CAD. It’s better to get this visa if you want to work in Canada and get some Canadian experience on the resume.

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Where can you work in Canada?

There are so many jobs in Canada that you can make so money while you are there. If you want to be in the midst of nature while doing your job, it’s better to opt for a job as a fruit picker on a farm. Quite rewarding this job provides someone with a salary of 14 CAD per hour. However, the number of working hours is more and can vary between 30-60 hours per week. This job does not need any kind of educational degree.

There also jobs in the construction sector once you want to be employed. You can search for a job in Canada with the help of a recruitment firm that acts as a connection between laborers and firms seeking labor. These firms help in hiring talent on a global scale. When Canadian employers get labor from outside Canada, they are cutting their costs.

The employers also get the labor to work for them for two years. You can also work in the Transportation and Oil and Gas industries.

Get travel insurance before you leave on this visa

Insurance is also one category about which a Canada working holiday visa seeker needs to be cautious in. Its because you can meet with accidents while skiing in Canada. The insurance covers you completely for such digressions. You can get complete hospital treatment and continue with your Canadian sojourn.

It provides an Unlimited Medical Cover policy. This policy allows someone to get paid for unlimited medical expenses which can arise in Canada.

It has a 24-hour helpline for worldwide assistance regarding any problem. Contact Nile Migration in Australia to get to know about how to apply for a Canada working holiday visa.