Healthier Alternative to the Harmful Sun

If you need a good reason to purchase or use spray tan equipment, read on:

We all know that too much exposure to the sun can result in a painful sunburn. However, it can also result in more dangerous health problems. The potential for lesions, blistering, and skin cancers like melanoma can result from overexposure to dangerous ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB rays). The sun is not the only culprit that can irreparably damage your skin and professional tan machine possibly be fatal, tanning beds and booths emit the same harmful UVA rays.

A healthier alternative to harmful effects of the sun is with spray tan equipment. Spray tanning uses a safe and natural method to help you achieve a beautiful tan. The active ingredient in sunless tanning solution is DHA (Di-Hydroxy-Acetone). A derivative of naturally processed glycerin from sugar cane or sugar beets, DHA has the physical ability to darken one’s skin with no adverse health side effects.

The FDA approved DHA for use as a cosmetic, deeming it safe for use. The DHA adheres to the top layer of your skin and gradually darkens it over several hours until you achieve your maximum tan. Since there is no harmful radiation, chemical reactions, or serious burning potential, the use of spray tan equipment is the most effective and safest way to obtain the beautiful tan you desire.

In addition to the benefits of being safe sunless tanning also adds a layer of protection to your skin in the form of a sun protection factor equal to 2 or 3 SPF. Additional suntan lotion, with an SPF of 10 or higher, applied over the top of your spray tan will further protect your skin.

Whether you want to purchase your equipment or use the services of a salon, spray on tanning will serve many good purposes — particularly the ability to preserve your health while giving you a beautiful tan.

Considering buying or using spray tan equipment will give you a gorgeous tan, protect you from harmful UV radiation, and save you time and money.

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