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Here you are searching for a computer support company, and you have no idea how much money it is going to charge you. You request proposals and get all kinds of different prices for support. Why do most businesses appear to charge so much more than others? Don’t all geek squad tech support computer companies provide the same solution? Why pay more if I can get an ‘IT guy’ to fix my issues?

If you are not a high-tech person and don’t have knowledge of the high-tech differences and benefits in the options being offered, it will be challenging to come up with an objective technology decision. Avoid coming up with an emotionally charged decision based upon price and taking a leap of faith on the solutions recommended. Do you know what you are ‘paying’ for and how much it will ‘cost’ you in the future?

The solution and details explained on paper is best-clarified face to face. For this reason, I prefer to speak with you without “geek-speak” and also ensure you understand the significance, benefits, and differences in services before diving into pricing. You don’t know what you are shelling out for on the surface. It’s like shopping for a new vehicle. Do you look at the sticker on the window, look at the cost and make a decision? Or, do you debrief, compare functions and perform a test drive? You get what you invest in, and sometimes you don’t know it until there is an issue or you’ve driven thousands of miles.

Top 5 Variables That Impact Computer Support Prices:

Hours required to assist you.

Support personnel wage.

Cost of systems used to support you.

IT Business burden.

Revenue margin.

These aspects are variables that established IT companies use to determine their prices. If an IT company undervalues any of these factors when providing you a bid, they may give you a bargain that doesn’t cover their costs to provide the high-quality assistance you desire. In that circumstance, they are pressured to quite possibly provide standard services, provide substandard support and cut corners anyplace possible. But again, if you are not a high-tech individual, you may be settling for less in regards to technical support as well as not even know it.

Knowing what questions to ask is very important. Here is a free report that will explain in simple, non-geek speak terms what you must look for when outsourcing your Tech support, as well as cost-saving techniques, insider tips and 16 revealing questions you should ask any IT consulting company before giving him access to your network.

FREE Report: 16 Essential Inquiries You Have to Ask Before Hiring An IT Business

This free of the report will certainly discuss in basic, non-technical terms what you have to try to find when outsourcing your IT assistance, along with cost-saving approaches, expert tips and 16 exposing concerns you MUST ask any tech specialist before giving them access to your network. If your current person can’t answer a positive “Yes” to all 16, it might be time to try to find someone else.