Start Blogging to Make Money and You May Become Famous

If you have a talent for journalism and if people love what you write about, how to blog is an easy way to make money for the writer at heart. You may even find that blogging online can make you famous. Even If you don’t think that you are a good enough writer, you still are able to make money writing on blogs.

The blogging explosion created many websites from people who had never had a website before. There are a lot more free tools out there now where you can build a blog for free and immediately start blogging. Some of these bloggers became famous in the web world by giving their readers important and informative information within a specific niche. They also took it a step further and saw the potential to make money blogging.

There are millions of people a day who log on to the Internet looking for information about a problem they are having, or looking for what’s available online that would make their life easier.

Here are a few tips on how you can make money blogging:

  1. Write free articles with specific information that will improve or solve a problem people are having in their lives. Visit other blogs online and see what kinds of things people are interested in and what interests you. Your blog needs to be of interest to YOU because you will spend a considerable amount of time writing in your blog if you are going to make money blogging.

2.Learn a few things about Internet marketing your blog by getting yourself informational eBooks on the subject. There are a million and one eBooks on about every subject you can think of. If you are a complete newbie, I suggest you start with a video eBook where you will get step-by-step videos showing you everything you need to know to make money online.

By purchasing Internet marketing information before you start blogging, you will learn how to do a lot of things for yourself. This step alone will save you a lot of money and more than pay you back for the purchase price of the eBook. With this information, what you learn will continue to save you money.

3.While you are learning from step #2, you can start by joining a free blogging website. This will give you an idea of what people are interested in and how you want to set-up your own website. If you are serious about making money blogging, you really have to get your own domain name and host your website. See step #4.

4.To make money blogging online you should have your own website and hosting account for several reasons but I’ll just mention the most important reasons.

a.The search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) put a high value on individually owned domain websites that are specifically related to the subject (niche) of their blog. With your own hosted website that you build with keyword rich content makes your ranking on these searched keywords go up without any cost to you. This is termed SEO standing for Search Engine Optimization.

b.Visitors to your blog will click you’re your domain name website because most visitors “trust” websites with their own domain name rather than a free blog. Most importantly, people would never purchase anything from a free blog website because it is not as secure or trustworthy.

c.When you purchase your own domain and host that domain, you are more likely to take your blogging for money business seriously. You will put more effort into it and believe me, your visitors will notice the effort you put into it. The more interest you create on your blog, the more visitors you get and the more money you make. Write articles that create emotional interest from your readers and you will get comments on your blog. When people start to comment on your blog, it tells Google and all other search engines that your website is of importance. Hence, your ranking goes up even more and visitors are able to find your website without costing you money.

So I’ve given you a few things to think about and if you decide you’d like to try blogging for money online, it’s really that easy to get started. Even if you don’t blog for money, you will find a lot of good friends out there to correspond and exchange ideas with. The world is wide open on the internet.

Input these ideas into your blog and you will not only start to make money blogging, you can become well known on the internet. The blogging to make money part comes as your website grows and you gain experience. Don’t put off getting your own blog. Join in on the fun online.

I wish you the best and who knows, I may find myself reading one of your interesting articles on YOUR blog.