OEM, Aftermarket or Salvaged Jaguar Parts: Which Should You Buy?

Owning expensive cars like a Jaguar is naturally accompanied by pricey maintenance. If your Jaguar breaks down and you bring it to the car dealership you bought if from, you will most certainly get OEM Jaguar parts for the repairs. Bring your car to your trusted mechanic or a third-party shop, and you may get aftermarket or salvaged parts. But which one is the best choice? Read on to find out.

Sorting Jaguar Parts

So basically, you have 3 choices when it comes to replacement parts for your Jaguar. But before we get to the pros and cons of each, let’s know first what they really are.

First off, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEMs are those that were made by the same manufacturers that supplied the parts to your Jaguar. Aftermarket items are any parts that were made by any manufacturer other than the vehicle manufacturer. Contrary to popular belief, they are not of lower quality to OEM – there are aftermarket parts that are even better than the original! Lastly, salvaged parts are those that were taken from totaled (when repairs are more expensive than the car’s worth) Jaguars.

Which is the Best Jaguar Parts to Choose?

If your Jaguar dealer managed the repairs of your car, an OEM will be provided as replacement. The main advantage of this is that you can always be certain that the Jaguar part you will get perfectly matches your vehicle. No modifications or workarounds need be done when you use OEM Jaguar parts. Since it came from the same manufacturer as the original part, the same quality assurance or warranty as the part to be replaced can be expected. The main problems with OEM are its cost and limited availability. OEM parts are sometimes on a per-order basis and this may considerably increase the repair time of your Jaguar.

Choosing aftermarket Jaguar parts will save you significantly more than when you opt for OEMs. These aftermarket parts are sometimes even better than OEMs because the weaknesses of the original parts have already been identified and fixed thru reverse-engineering. Another advantage of aftermarket parts is that they are more readily available than OEMs. Since it’s not from the original manufacturer, the main disadvantage of aftermarket parts is the quality assurance. Unlike OEMs, you must be more cautious in purchasing aftermarket parts as the part you purchased may not be compatible with your car.

Salvaged Jaguar parts are the cheapest of the bunch. If you worry the most about cost-efficiency, then opting for a salvaged part may prove to be the most economical. The problem with salvaged parts is that they almost always come with a “buy at your own risk” tag.

Finding it hard to decide? This is where trusted sellers of Jaguar parts come into the picture. If you can find sellers you can trust to take care of your Jaguar, then deciding whether you’ll use OEMs, aftermarket parts, or salvaged parts will be a walk in the park.