Avoiding Alcohol Addiction as a Student

College is a time when people are young, restless and vulnerable to alcohol use and addiction. Fortunately, alcohol addiction can be avoided if habits are adjusted and needs are met. Here are some of the things that a college student can do to avoid alcoholism.

Tend to Your Social Needs

One of the reasons why people turn to excessive alcohol consumption is because they are lonely. There are different types of loneliness, and in each type of loneliness, people have different needs. There is the need to spend time with close friends, the need to spend time with family, the need to interact with people who aren’t so close and those in the greater community, the need to interact with animals and the need to interact with a significant other. These needs are all very normal, and should not be substituted with harmful substances like alcohol.

If you have any of these needs, think of how you can fulfill them, and start from there. Put yourself in a variety of social situations. You should join clubs, go to mixers and go to parties. If you are just sitting around a room, not having contact with anybody and not doing anything, then that has to stop.

Do Not Drink Just Because Others Are, Or Because Someone Orders You To

Unfortunately, in college, people pressure each other to drink alcohol. Many times, this results in cases of alcohol poisoning and people being alcoholics. If someone orders you to drink alcohol or pressures you to drink alcohol, just say no. Don’t drink just because other people are drinking. Copying what other people are doing is a good way to form serious addictions. It is a good way to land yourself in Port St. Lucie alcoholics anonymous.


In between studying and classes, make sure to exercise. Exercise is a great way to boost a person’s mood and to build up strength and health. If you feel lethargic, depressed or unable to focus, it may be because you are constantly sitting down and not moving. Alcohol will not fix this—exercise will. If you school has a workout room or gym, you should utilize those facilities. If you school has a team, or some sort of club that involves physical activity, you should join it.

Do Something Different

If you are bored or down in the dumps, you should do something different. For example, watching a movie when you don’t usually do such a thing can refresh your mind. Reading a book when you don’t usually read books, or reading a book about a subject that you don’t usually read about can be very refreshing.

Have A Hobby or Activity That You Like

Sometimes, idle hands can really be the Devil’s playground. This is why you should have some sort of hobby or interest that really makes you feel good about yourself and that you genuinely like. Feeling good about yourself will make you less likely to use alcohol as a crutch. The natural high that you get from the hobby will be good enough.