How to buy the right mattress for your loved one

Sleeping is always a topic which appears in the media and which is also fought about from most different sides. For a good night’s sleep is of great importance for well-being and health. Those who suffer from sleep problems know how bad you can feel with it. A good night’s sleep is influenced by various factors.

Sometimes it’s up to the person, because he is not resting due to worries and problems, or because an unfavorable diet means you cannot spend good nights.

A good or bad sleep can also be dependent on external influences. Do you have to deal with loud noises at night or have your bedroom unfavorably furnished? All of that needs to be considered. An important aspect of all this is certainly on which mattress you spends the night.

If one considers that humans spend about one third of their lives sleeping in bed, it makes one think that. And so that the body can recover and process the events of the day, it makes sense not to be satisfied with any mattress.

The ideal mattress in the ideal bedroom

It is ideal if the best mattresses correspond exactly to the personal needs, which can be very different. So the mattress always plays a very important role when it comes to good sleep.

Which is the ideal mattress?

If you look at the selection of mattresses at the major sleep retailers, you will find a lot of differences. For example, cold foam, spring core or latex are offered as materials.

In addition, one can decide between softer and harder mattresses. Do you usually want to choose between single or double mattresses? Or do you want to build your own bed? With so much choice, it is not easy to make the right decision in a reasonably short time.

Where to go with the old mattress?

Of course, it’s mainly about how to find the best mattresses for your bed. But when it comes to the topic quickly comes up the question of where to go with the old, if one then has decided at some point for something new.

Not that anyone else is delaying the purchase of a new much needed mattress because he does not know how and where he can get rid of the old bulky thing. There really is not just one way to dispose of old mattresses. If you have the opportunity to transport the old mattress yourself with a suitable vehicle or trailer, you can drive the mattress to a recycling center recommended bythebest-mattress. If that is not possible, you can make an appointment for bulky waste for the second. Then you just need to bring the old mattress on time in front of your own front door, and then do the rest of the bulky waste service.

But of course you can also use some old mattress for something different or convert it. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can even save the disposal completely.

Is there really a perfect mattress?

But now you want to come back to the original topic: For example, a new acquisition raises the question of whether the perfect mattress material actually exists. But you can clearly say no to that. Because it is more like that that everyone has to find out individually for themselves. The most common materials have already been mentioned above.

Spring mattress resonates

A spring mattress consists of numerous metal springs, which are interconnected. Differences are still between Bonnell and pocket spring mattresses.

Both types dissipate moisture and heat quickly, ensuring good ventilation. For people who sweat a lot, so a great way. The downside could be that these types of mattresses are less likely to conform to the body shape and resonate during nocturnal movements.

Cold foam mattresses adapt to the movements

These consist of foam. Today’s modern mattresses have high point elasticity and thus adapt well to the body. When buying it online, one should pay attention to the so-called density. This indicates the density of the foam used.

The higher the density, the higher the quality of the mattress will be. For example, you can find a good quality selection at fair prices and conditions at mattress online shops such as Snooze Project.

Latex mattress is great but quite expensive

Especially the latex mattresses adapt to the body very well, but are particularly heavy, which can make the tiring exhausting. In addition, one will find latex mattresses rather in the higher priced assortment.

How hard or soft should the mattress be?

Again, there are no fixed guidelines. Everyone has to decide for themselves. The manufacturers indicate with their mattresses whether they are rather hard, medium hard or soft. However, this information is not subject to any standard. This means that each producer can define these three terms differently. For people who are a bit heavier, they offer hard mattressesas the ideal mattress, so to speak. But she should not be too hard. A leaner guy should be able to cope better with a softer sleeping pad.

But if the mattress is too soft, the spine bends through, which in turn can lead to back pain. The best way will therefore be to either sample on different mattresses in the store or find a provider, where you can exchange a mattress even if you do not like it again.

Can the sleeping position play a role?

The sleeping position can theoretically play a role. He who sleeps mainly on the back should have a mattress which supports the lumbar spine and the neck area. Who sleeps mainly on the side, for which is the yielding of the sleeping pad at the shoulders and the pelvis important.

So you could say that there are different selection criteria for back and side sleepers. However, most sleepers often change their sleeping position during the night, so a mattress must be comfortable in both sleeping positions. That can only be found out by trial and error.

Conclusion: What is the ideal mattress for you?

The ideal mattress can often be found by test sleeping in your own four walls, because in the case of a pure test bed in a specialist shop, after a long mattress search, almost every mat feels good. Of course, good advice can also help you find the right type of mattress for you.

The possible sleeping documents should always be tested with a pillow. Generally, you should replace a mattress after eight to ten years, because it is usually then sagged and can lead to back problems.

30 days of test sleeping

To give you the opportunity to test your new bed extensively, online retailersnow offer you the opportunity to test your new mattress for 30 days. Not only does this have the background that they are convinced that we have an excellent product on offer but also because it can be proven that it can take up to a month for your back to recover from your previous mattress and switch to the new one. It is therefore not uncommon for you to have back pain, muscle soreness or even sleep disturbances at the beginning, so do not despair immediately but give your new life and us a chance. Should you still be dissatisfied, we will pick up the mattress again.

Tips and tricks for problems with the new mattress

Do you want to sleep well after years and buy a new mattress for your bedroom? Regardless of whether the old mattress was suitable for the preferred weight and size or whether it was worn out or inappropriate – the body was used to this mattress for years. If the body has been kept too soft, too tight, or not ergonomically correct, the muscles will fail to support the spine. Getting used to a new mattress almost always leads to tension, because the muscles had to take over the work of the sleep system before.