Why You Should Try Solo Travel and Where to Go

Travel is something that a lot of people do for fun. Aside from the entertainment factor, travel is something that can hugely contribute to making you what you are. Although most people travel with their partner, family, or friends, traveling on your own is something that I highly recommend to a lot of people. It may take a bit of getting used to especially if you have never done it before, but it is something that can be very enjoyable and enriching.

So, what are the perks of solo travel?

You have total freedom.

The biggest hurdle when traveling with other people is having to consider other people’s likes and dislikes when planning. All the travel arrangements depend on everyone who will be joining you on your trip. When you travel alone, you have complete and total freedom about everything!

You will meet more people.

When you travel with others, your interaction will be with the people you’re traveling with – which, unfortunately, prevents you from meeting new people. When you travel alone, you would be more motivated to meet other people which can be a very enriching experience. Some encounters just might even turn into deep life-long friendships.

You will get to know yourself more.

Not having to consider what other people like and do not like will let you get a better grasp of what YOU like and do not like. Being left with your thoughts will allow more time for reflection that will help you get to know yourself more. You will be able to reflect on your travel experience better, without influence of someone else’s opinion.

These are just some of the benefits of traveling alone. Convinced? The next question is where to go to? Although solo travel will provide you with the same perks, no matter where you decide to go, it is also a great opportunity to try destinations and activities that are more spiritual in nature. Turn it into a more meaningful journey. Here are some travel destination ideas for you:

The River Ganges in India. This river is the most sacred river in Hinduism. It is the world’s third largest river and there are many pilgrimage sites along its banks such as Rishikesh. If you practice Hinduism, traveling to the Ganges river can be a great opportunity to enrich your faith. If not, it is still an opportunity to learn about the culture and practice of Hinduism. You may even want to turn your journey into a charitable one. There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer in India. If you practice yoga, India is also the best place to take your practice deeper. If it’s something you’ve never tried, there’s no perfect place to try it than in India.
The Holy Land in Israel. If you are a Christian, the Holy Land in Israel, particularly the places where Jesus spent his life, is an excellent option for you. A lot of these places are known tourist destinations and there won’t be a lack of things to see and do. While appreciating some holy art, getting to know the culture, and reflecting on the life of Christ, you will come out of this journey a different person.
Mt Kailash in Tibet. This place is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Bonpos, and many others, because the peak of Mt Kailash is revered in many religions. Before you head to Tibet, make sure to consider the different ways you can get there. This journey offers lots of chances to meditate and reflect. If you are into mountain climbing, you might also consider visiting Mt. Everest.
Mount Athos in Greece. This mountain is another favorite for a lot of pilgrims. You can find 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries along the slopes of this mountain, which makes its common name “Holy Mountain” not surprising at all. Unfortunately, women are banned in Mount Athos because women are not allowed in men’s monasteries. So, if you’re a woman, you will not be allowed within 500 meters of the coast.
Monument Valley in the USA. This sacred site in the Navajo Nation, Arizona, was named “Valley of the Rocks” by early tribes. Aside from the majestic landscape that this valley offers, many believe that it is a place of supernatural powers. There are a lot of companies offering sacred tours in Monument Valley especially since some parts of it are inaccessible without a Navajo guide.

No matter where you go when you travel alone, make sure that safety and security are your priorities. Aside from the general safety travel tips, read up on your destination and prepare thoroughly. Solo travel requires more precaution because you can be an easy target. Don’t let this stop you from traveling alone because with adequate safety precautions, solo travel is something that you will find extremely enjoyable and enriching.