Pastor Chris Tour is a Major Success

The Holy Land tour, which takes place annually, was particularly historic for the 2018 run. Evangelist With much success, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome wraps up Holy Land Tour for 2018, a trip that coincides with two historically important events for Israel.

The Christ Embassy carefully planned out every detail of the eight-day tour for Pastor Chris, who is commonly referred to as the Christ Embassy’s man of God. The tour aimed to benefit believers of Jesus from around the world with hundreds of the Pastor’s followers joining in. The attention to detail by the Christ Embassy made this experience all the more memorable and exciting for individuals in attendance.

Each day, followers joined in to visit several holy places, sacred to both Jews and Christians, across Jordan and Israel, as they followed the journey of Christ through the Bible and scripture. Participants had the unique opportunity to learn of His glory while walking in the footsteps of his journey.

The trip was planned specifically to instill memorable experiences for attendants, by highlighting the close connection that Evangelicals have with all of the people and the Holy Land itself. Christians and Jews were very pleased with Pastor Chris visiting, with LoveWorld incorporations expression how grateful they are for the warm welcomes they received from the Jewish Land.

During the tour, Pastor Chris and his followers were able to visit several holy sites including the Abu Gosh, Caesarea, Mount Hertzel, the Sea of Galilee, and the Tomb of Lazareth. Additionally, one group of followers had the delightful opportunity to visit several holy sites in Jordan and witness the true amount of diversity present in the Holy Land for themselves. While on the tour, guests from around the world accompanied Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on a visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which is a 2,000-year-old Holy Site linked to the Second Temple and several other Jewish sites.

Individuals who attended the events, as well as local observers, were blessed to see Pastor Chris several times throughout the tour. They were very pleased that glory and gospel filled the ministrations. Guests admit that they personally felt closer to the Lord, a feeling shared by many in attendance.

As the Pastor and his followers embarked on this momentous journey, two extremely significant events were taking place in Israel. The tour period aligned perfectly with the marking of the seventieth year being Independent as the Jewish land. On May 14, 1948, the state of Israel was proclaimed by David Ben-Gurion, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Palestine and Executive head of the World Zionist Organization. This celebration marks 70 years since Jewish independence was restored after nearly 2000 years.

In addition to this historic celebration, an event was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that aimed to celebrate a recent announcement from the United States President, Donald Trump, regarding the Embassy.

In early 2018, President Trump announced that he intended to move the Embassy to Jerusalem in hopes to show support from the United States for the Holy City to the international community. Pastor Chris was invited as a key guest to the event, and he received warm welcomes from several members of the government as well as various Jewish individuals in attendance.

In addition to seeing the Holy sites on the tour, guests were able to visit several museums and monuments, visit some of the authentic markets throughout Israel, taste great food, and much more.