Los Angeles Private Investigator Works with Police to Apprehend Two Criminals

It was a rather serious sounding phone call received by the Los Angeles Private Investigator from one of his premier attorney clients. The attorney asked the Los Angeles Private Investigator if he could come to his office immediately to meet with a client recently victimized by a horrific crime. The private investigator found the victim to be a delightful senior woman. As she explained what happened, the private investigator sensed she appeared extremely paranoid about unknown persons out to do her harm. She was fearful of being hurt or killed by someone she could not identify. Yet, she stated she was absolutely confident of that. The lady mentioned she recently lost her father to cancer and had gone through a divorce within the same year. She lived alone and was not in touch with any of her family and she suspected people were breaking into her home when she was out and about.

When she finally arrived at the point why her attorney thought she needed a private investigator she explained she met a young man and his father by happenstance and told them about her concern regarding people coming into her home and stealing her belongings. The father and son told her they were former CIA agents and that they would be happy to help her. They presented her with various documents containing Central Intelligence Agency letterheads (which turned out to be forgeries) and a list of police officers and detectives who work for the Riverside, California Sheriff’s department where the lady resided. The criminal duo told the victim they worked very closely with the Sheriff’s office and that they would protect her twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week until they captured the perpetrator(s). Due to this woman’s apparent mental health condition, she had no reservation about retaining them.

One day, while the victim went for a routine walk and little hike up a small hill she slipped, and hurt herself. She screamed out for help assuming the former CIA Agents would come to her rescue. They did not appear because they were not there. Realizing she was not being protected over the several months she paid them, she became terrified, and that was when she contacted her attorney. Her attorney recommended he call in a Los Angeles Private Investigator who worked for his firm for several years and always performed impressively. He mentioned one particular high profile investigation involving a two hundred-forty-nine million dollar bank fraud that the private investigator resolved successfully.

The Private Investigator was shocked to learn the victim paid the father and son duo $400,000 in fees for doing absolutely nothing. The LA private investigator held his breath when he asked the lady what information she had that could identify the duo and perhaps know where they lived. Fortunately, she knew their names but not their address.

The task for the private investigator was to attempt to locate these two criminals and prepare a criminal brief for the Sheriff’s department so they would not excuse it as a civil matter but rather a felonious crime.

The Los Angeles Private Investigator learned the gruesome duo had prior criminal records which was no surprise. Multiple addresses for the father and son were checked to determine if they still lived there, but they did not. After compiling his report, the private investigator went to the Sheriff station to file the report on behalf of the victim.

The desk sergeant on duty accepted the case as a felony financial abuse crime and asked the private investigator to meet with the detective who would be assigned to his case.

The Los Angeles Private Detective met with a financial crimes detective who took a genuine interest in apprehending the two crooks. In the meantime, the client was referred to a psychiatrist by the private investigator who successfully brought his client back to reality, and she became aware of her paranoid behavior as an illness.

The US Marshalls were called in on this case by the detective to locate the duo, and within days the two criminals were located and arrested. They pled guilty and were sentenced to five years in prison. Plus they were ordered to pay restitution to their victim.