Roman fiesta

Rome gave the world the warmth of central heating, the sterility of proper drainage system. Aside from being a religious and architectural phenomenon with its cathedral and the war ruins, Rome also holds a global significance because of its rich cultural history. People of Rome spectacularly celebrate their heritage through film festivals, music galas, food fair and much more.

Let’s have a look at the some of the not to be missed festivals of Rome:

Lungo-il-tevere Festival

Breezy summer nights in Rome are a sight to behold. With one or the other fascinating events happening around the country. One such event is organized along the banks of river Tevere, the third largest river in Italy is a two-month long festival, lungo-il-Tevere. This festival is especially popular amongst youth and families. With free access to a diverse food stall, art exhibitions, open bars, and restaurants, lungo-il-Tevere has something for everybody. The recently commissioned sports-area along the banks is a treat for people looking for recreational activities. Tourists with a night-long flight haul can reach her by an hour taxi ride from the Rome Airport.

Rome Jazz Festival:

Rome gets chilly in November with natives going by the day sipping coffee and listening to live jazz and blues music around the cafes. The Roman Jazz Festival is a week-long celebration of Rome bebop roots. It was initially devised out of having a contemporary to the Roman Summer fiestas but soon turned into an annual gala paying homage to the Jazz of 900’s and retaining the enthusiasm of jazz music in the coming generation. With more than four decades into this celebration, the Roman Jazz festival also delivers an eclectic mix of Jazz style. Award-winning artists such as Grammy-winner Sarah Mckenzie have performed here. People on a long-stay can also enjoy free Sunday jazz performances.

Rome Film Fest:

Called as Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma, in Italian, Rokman film festival is held across the country in October and is ten days long celebration of rich and artistically profound cinematic culture of Rome. The film festival ever since it’s commision in the year 2006, has gained significant global recognition and had influential and renowned artists from all over the world in its attendees. A platform to exhibit the diversity of cinema, this film festival has its the primary emphasis on showcasing independent cinema and giving artistically endowed youth, an opportunity to shine.

Terme di Caracalla:

Rome has been a significant tourist attraction because of its global archeological significance. Imagine having a soothing music performance at one such mosaic ruin and that too the melodious-opera. Terme di Caracalla is one such magnificent masterpiece that started off as a dummy run and was soon appreciated by the masses It was the start of enjoying open theatre opera along with the charm of monumental architectural archives. Ever since 1937, it has managed to appeal to history aficionados and opera lovers with it’s intricately decorated area and performances highlighting contemporary screenwriter along with the classics. It is only a 35 minute taxi ride from the Rome Airport and can be on the must visit list for people with a layover of short duration.

As the famous phrase goes all roads lead to Rome, let your journey be amused by the captivating cultural and eloquent roads of Rome. And while you are at it, trust upon the taxi services provided outside the airports on giving you a mesmerizing tour of the city.